India Japan Agreement

“The agreement provides the framework for closer cooperation between the armed forces of India and Japan on the reciprocal provision of supplies and services,” he said. The agreement provides for the creation of a framework for closer cooperation and interoperability and does not allow military personnel from both countries to use each other`s bases and facilities for repair and replenishment of supplies, the official said. And we know that this is bland, because unlike other official military logistics agreements in which India participates, the text of the agreement with Japan is accessible to the public via the website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. India has already signed similar agreements with the United States, France and Singapore. Modi, Abe say the deal will contribute to peace in the region, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday conveyed his thanks to his outgoing Japanese counterpart, Shinzo Abe, for his personal commitment and leadership in strengthening relations between India and Japan. The Heads of State and Government also welcomed the signing of a mutual logistical support agreement. “They agreed that the agreement would further improve defence cooperation between the two countries and contribute to peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region,” the MEA said. PTI After years of negotiations, India and Japan have signed a pioneering agreement allowing their military to access each other`s bases for logistical support, a key development that comes amid growing concern over the military difference in China`s muscles in the region. The signing of the agreement comes at a time when India is mired in a bitter border dispute with China. , and countries in the region are increasingly concerned about strengthening China`s persuasive power in the Indo-Pacific region. “The agreement should facilitate the smooth and rapid delivery of supplies and services between Japan`s self-defense forces and the Indian armed forces,” he said.

On 24 August, I stated in these pages that one of the reasons why India`s “fundamental” defence cooperation agreements with the United States – including a logistical agreement – are drawing so much political attention to national territory, because “the texts of these agreements – and even official summaries – continue to serve as suspicion in a country that deeply protects its sovereignty and independent foreign policy.” Indeed, in the absence of a draft agreement on the U.S.-India Logistics Exchange 2016, some analysts have confused it with a “status of forces” agreement on fundamental rights and all that would entail. Agreements such as the one India has just signed with Japan systematize the process of reciprocal provision of goods and services relevant to the operations of the two military personnel, within pre-defined accounting parameters. This is different from the exchanges that take place ad hoc, as has been the case in the past.

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