Today’s competitive marketplace demands new ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, and proven techniques. 

Cashmark Consulting Group shows you how to take advantage of all three to transform your business, optimize your sales, and increase your profits.

We are the UK’s leading provider of Managed Print Services (MPS) sales training and consulting solutions. We teach, implement, and use the best and most effective consultative sales practices so you can woo, win, and maximise new customers. Recommended by manufacturers like Konica Minolta and UTAX to their UK dealer channel as the premiere MPS sales training and consulting company in the UK, Cashmark Consulting Group is expanding into the EMEA markets.

We work with top companies to bring you the latest in cutting-edge software solutions to take your team from first contact, right through the sales process to the final sale, and then beyond into service, supplies, and billing. We offer in-person, on-site consulting to help you create a complete business process optimization strategy, taking the best global practices and customising them to fit your exact needs and requirements.

We partner with you to offer your clients full-service solutions, positioning your company as their lead resource and problem solver.

Cashmark Consulting Group is dedicated to helping your company grow and prosper. Let’s work together to make that happen!

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