Service Level Agreement Includes Mcq

Explanation: Service models describe the type of service offered by the service provider. It Strategic Clusters helps agencies focus on providing cost-effective and integrated IT services, avoiding unnecessary and costly duplication in IT investments. It Strategic Cluster is a coalition of IT resources, knowledge and experience that have been trained to address related business challenges, the goals and services of state agencies and voters. Seven clusters have been identified and each will have a cluster manager, specific objectives and performance measures to ensure accountability and transparency. Explanation: The most well-known service models are Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service?the SPI. 3) Which of the following options is a type of XML requirement or response language that is often used for integrating and interrupting services that process requirements? 2) Which of the following components provides resources or services such as virtual infrastructure, virtual machines, virtual memory and many other hardware assets? The responsibilities of the client agency vary depending on the nature and quantity of services purchased by CIO/OFT. The CIO/OFT ALS program was designed to tailor the ALS agreement to the nature and quantity of services purchased. However, there is a standard set of roles and responsibilities of both parties, which are explained in the standard SLA model published on the CIO/OFT website. General roles and responsibilities are included in the main ALS document under each service. Explanation: Cloud computing uses Technology, services and applications similar to those of the Internet and transforms them into a self-service utility. Explanation: and Windows Azure are examples of the platform as a service Each CIO/OFT IT Shared Service has a detailed document for the service, roles and responsibilities for both CIO/OFT and the customer, how the service is supported, how to collect billing information, the resources available to assist the Agency and how you can contact CIO/OFT. For more information, please visit the AES website. Explanation: reducing administrative burden, reducing overall operating costs and a newer network are the benefits of the Platform for a service.

Finally, it is important to indicate a reference for metrics in the service level agreement. This baseline should be appropriate, but may be strengthened during an ALS audit if further data on this metric has been collected. 8) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) individually provides each customer with an isolated using_____ environment. Explanation: The term “CAAS” means Communication as a Service, which allows customers to use resources such as Unified Communications and PBX, VPNs, VoIP at the enterprise level, without paying the costs of hosting, purchasing and maintaining the infrastructure. Yes, yes. CIO/OFT may choose to terminate benefits if an invoice is not paid for 180 days or more. However, the intention is not cio/OFT to use this method and it is used as a last resort. We encourage governments to pay for benefits that are not questioned in time.

Explanation: The Higgins Open Source identity system is typically used to create a manufacturer-neutral cloud authentication service used by CIO/OFT to achieve the service availability goals set out in the SLA document. But from time to time, there are unforeseen and unforeseen critical issues that need to be addressed and dealt with as effectively and quickly as possible. Critical problems, such as incidents. B gravity -1, are closely monitored within the IOC/OFT to ensure that services are restored as quickly as possible.

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