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AppleCare OS support plans provide support for incidents at the enterprise level – defined as support for integration into heterogeneous environments; The components of the system Configuration and network management Professional software applications web applications and services; and technical issues that require the use of command line tools for solution.1 If you have acquired an AppleCare agreement, like. B the AppleCare protection plan, and if it`s not included in your results, you may need to register your AppleCare agreement. Some services and repairs are covered by AppleCare plans. Check the terms and conditions of some plans to see which support services can be included in your Apple products. AppleCare provides additional hardware service and technical assistance from Apple, including coverage for up to two accidental damage incidents every 12 months per device covered. Covers up to 10 incidents at the company level and provides a four-hour response to high-priority issues (server failure), 12 hours a day, 7 days a week (12/7).3 Support for unused incidents expires after one year. Get the IT services you need when you make macOS, macOS, iOS or iPadOS available in your organization. AppleCare OS support provides telephone and email support for server integration, migration and advanced operating issues. Covers an unlimited number of company-level incidents at multiple sites and provides a one-hour response to high-priority issues, 24/7.3 This plan includes an on-site audit by an Apple technical assistance technician. If you would like to update the information contained in our statements regarding your purchase or agreement, we will be happy to help. If the expected expiration date of your technical phone support, limited warranty or AppleCare agreement for your serial number is incorrect, please contact us. You must send the original sales receipt of your product to Apple so that we can update your purchase date.

Proof of sale with the product receipt number, product description, original purchase date, price and retailer details is valid proof of purchase. Make sure your device is covered, and see what types of repairs and support are included in your coverage. Or find your contract number, purchase note and expiry date. You can also go to to find out if your device is covered. Connect with your Apple ID, then select your device. Find out how to do it if the information is fake or if your AppleCare plan isn`t displayed. More information about using Bomgar™Software and Apple`s remote support in terms and conditions (not applicable in Europe, the Middle East, Africa or India). Each AppleCare OS support plan includes support from AppleCare Help Desk, an annual technical support plan that covers an unlimited number of support incidents for installing, booting and using the software. hardware and software diagnostics and troubleshooting; and isolation for Apple-based solutions. In the diagrams above, a green tick displays an unlimited number of support incidents. Select Support offers a total of 10 company-level incidents in the designated areas. Some problems may require the use of multiple support incidents to correct them.

Participation in Apple`s training and certification programs depends on compliance with program conditions that are or were in effect at the time of the certification exam or training.

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