When Liberty Industries Renegotiated Their Loan Agreement

Depending on your individual circumstances, we can only transfer your principal and interest repayments to interest. This temporarily reduces your refund amount. It is important to understand that if we do, your credit balance will not be reduced during this period, which will cost you more interest. Please call us on 13 11 33 or email us at help@liberty.com.au to discuss if your loan is only eligible for interest repayments. It will cost you less interest if you can pay back to catch up. But if this is not a short-term option, we can capitalize your arrears based on your circumstances. This would mean that your minimum repayments are higher, so your loan can still be paid as part of your repayment period. Liberty has always evaluated customers based on their individual circumstances, which allows us to offer more personalized and personalized solutions. This also applies to emergencies and assistance to the most needy.

Where loan contracts contain subjective contractual clauses – z.B “substantial adverse amending clauses,” companies must rule on the non-compliance of these subjective clauses. However, if, on the closing date of the balance sheet, the entity receives an agreement from the lender on the provision of an additional period that expires at least 12 months after the balance sheet closing date, the liability is considered to be long-term. [IAS 1.75] You can update your details and bank details in Customer Online, which can be accessed via the in-link log at the top right of our homepage. Your online customer portal gives you quick and easy control of your account so you can manage your refunds and details, with access to information such as payment methods, credit relief and our BSB number. You may find that the changes you want to make are already accessible and can be made without the support of our service team. A moratorium or payment leave is a short-term break for your credit repayments, which can be useful in times of unexpected changes. Please call us on 13 11 33 or email us at help@liberty.com.au to discuss whether a moratorium on payments is right for you. Once your financial situation has improved and you can resume your full refunds, please contact us on 13 11 33 or email us at help@liberty.com.au.

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